Rejuvenating and sustaining the sublime spirit of gender empowerment, the elegant vision of establishing an educational institution for women was materialized in May 1983 in the temple town of Guruvayur.
We are an institution that offers a conductive learning environment and an effective support system that let the students experiment, evaluate and evolve her ideas. Be an active part of this 32 years’ legacy of vibrant and innovative ideas that transformed education and attitudes through the most comprehensive and novel methodology . We bestow the students a stream of opportunities to open the ones most suited to her academic aspirations and to gaze beyond the present. With our veteran Professors, dynamic study materials and well designed modules of learning, the students add not just a qualification, but also ignited quality to their resume! The focus of our institution is to make a significant contribution to the quantum improvement in the effectiveness of education and allied fields by creating knowledge and nurturing talent which help the student build a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.

Having recognised the unadulterated educational service and academic excellence as the hallmarks of Aryabhatta, Calicut University has conferred us this status of University approved Counselling/Programme Centre and Examination Centre. The highlight of history of its growth essentially becomes the etching of the story of the educational aspirations of a region.